If you´ve ever asked yourself any of these questions:

  • How can my company tackle the challenges it faces and prepare for the future?

  • What can I do to ensure I have motivated, competent and engaged employees in the future?

  • How can I generate more communication, creativity and innovation? 

  • How is my current company building limiting me, my employees and the company culture?
You´re in the right place.

Let´s do something about that


What others are saying

“These last two days have taught me a lot about the subject. Particularly about the opportunities to be found in change, and what that can mean for every single employee and the company itself.”
- workshop participant
“I love how all the employees, from every department, are included in the process. I’ve been through moves with other companies but the way we did it here was extraordinary.”
- member of a clients new building project team
“Creativity and productivity are born where human beings enjoy freedom.”
- Katrin Altpeter, Minister for Labor and Social Affairs during her visit of our LIVE AT WORK environmen
"DEXINA has radically developed its own culture and created a special work environment to this very end."
- the jury of the new work award


What it is all about


We want to revolutionize the real estate market and to, once again, give human beings a space to live. Today´s buildings are the product of the industrial age and support that way of working. Fragmendet, hierachical structured and estranged. On top of that, today´s real estate market is driven by investors needs. Buildings are not built for the user - the user is actually just one part of the product which is developed for InvestorsSo, today´s company buildings badly influence our work and with that our engagement to what we do. We´re gonna change that.

Our story

As our IT-company kept growing, we started to look for a new building. But not a single one of them suited our demands, let alone fulfilled our expectations. No-one in the real estate market understood what it was we needed. So we decided to build our own.

From the day we moved in, successful CEOs came to visit and asked us: “Can you do this for me, too? That´s exectely what I want." So we asked ourselves: "Just what exactely is it that we did?" We came to the conclusion that our actual merit wasn´t the creation of an exciting working envoironment. That was just one of the results.

Our merit was to have adapted our company to the lives of its employees. It is precisely this approach that has the power to fundamentally change a company. Based on that, we made the descision to expand. LIVE WORK was born, by accident.  Today we have fantastic clients, an innovative product and a fully engaged team – and we’re ready to take LIVE AT WORK to the world!

our Why

We wish to change the world, nothing less. And changing it isn’t even enough, we want to make it better. In that respect, changing people’s work environments has the biggest impact. Either you’re working yourself or you’re consuming someone else’s work; even when you’re asleep, at home on your mattress.

Everything in our world was built by someone’s work, yet for most of us it is an alienating and painful work. That’s what we want to change, and make sure that each and every human being can once again feel alive at work. We’re absolutely convinced that this can only happen if the development manifests itself physically. That’s why we build holistic LIVE AT WORK environments. We believe in living at work.