Your building can ignite

Value-creating explosions

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Your building as A driving force for innovation, as A growth engine, as A magnet attracting employees and clients.


A building is far more than just a remodelled space to protect you against the sun and the rain, far more than what you show to the outside world.

Imagine what a building will do to your company, if it

  • is designed and built specifically for your own value-adding processes.
  • incorporates the needs and tasks of your employees.
  • facilitates internal communication, team work and fast decision-making.
  • makes your corporate culture visible to the outside and tangible to the inside.


More innovation

The world is changing faster and faster. Cycles of innovation are ever getting shorter. Improve your products at a faster pace, tap into new markets, be quicker in using the new conditions to your advantage.

The full potential of your employees

There is a skills shortage and the new generations have different priorities. Use the full potential of motivated and satisfied employees. Allow them to focus on the important tasks and to get better results in a shorter time.

Embrace change for your competitive advantage

Change is happening. It’s here for us to tackle – or to sleep through. Step up to the plate. Face the new challenges of digitization, of changing values, of a new workforce. Find the right solutions and be among the first to turn the possibilities of a changing world to your advantage.

Market shares and growth

Cut-throat competition is becoming more ruthless. Niche specialization is increasing. Find new ways for growth, extend your lead, tap into new markets or create new ones yourself.

Gain new fans

It is people, in the end, who decide about your company’s fate. Become a magnet attracting clients, business partners and the best candidates. Make them your fans.

Create new markets, fuel innovation

You want to be the market leader in your industry, have the best products, be the most innovative – or you want to create new markets altogether?

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Vibrant solutions for buildings and office spaces that facilitate communication, let creativity roam free yet give it all structure. The basic components of the company’s success are preserved but new space is opened for groundbreaking innovation.

Buildings and Campus for Corporations

New developments: Buildings & Campus

In very close collaboration with you, we design your LIVE AT WORK Building or Campus. We start from the empty plot of land, develop your solutions and take care of every single and last detail during construction. Whether you’ve got 50, 500 or 5000 employees moving in on D-day, our goal is to make them feel the same excitement fans do when a new Apple-Store opens its doors.


customized interior

Interior Design: From Building Shell to Office Spaces

You prefer not to build your own but are thinking of renting a nice space long-term or to buy an existing shell: We can negotiate with the project developers or owners of the premises to make sure you don’t just get the bland and standardized furnishings. This way we can suggest far better solutions and create your own LIVE AT WORK environment, from electrics, acoustics, lighting, and floors, to wholly integrating and functional concepts.

Innenumbau für Unternehmen

Refurbishing: Redesigning Existing Buildings

You want a modern work environment but building anew or moving is not an option, or you want to keep growing within your own premises: Together with you, we analyze your building and find all the possibilities for improvement. If they’re promising, we roll up our sleeves and get started.

Raumkonzepte für Unternehmen

Special Spaces or Individual Rooms

You want to make a start, try out new things, explore; a special space, a first room. A room for your most important projects, a room for stimulating workshops, a creative space for new ideas to be born, a lounge for interdisciplinary communication, a parent-and-child office for more family friendliness. No problem – let’s do it.

Potentialorientierte Anforderungsentwicklung

Bespoke and Potential-oriented Design

“How many workspaces do you have? How many meeting rooms do you need? What kind of desks for your employees?” Those are some of the questions traditional developers would ask. But that does not create new solutions, let alone anything groundbreaking. Together with you and your employees, we find out what conditions your work environment needs to fulfill. We think about the future and cater to your vision. We design based on what makes your success, on your internal communication, on your value-adding processes. This creates truly new solutions that no-one knew about – because they are yours alone – which help prevent elementary and recurring problems.


Enable innovation

We’d be happy to invite you to a free tour of our work environment, including a first consultation. Just contact us.

Experience LIVE AT WORK

The New LIVE AT WORK Style

Latest scientific insights, company-specific data collection and analysis, improved User Experience Designs

Immediate Savings on Investment

of at least 20 %, thanks to a more efficient use of space yet still with a higher quality and more room for your employees.

Long-term Return on Investment

in the millions, thanks to increased potential for growth within your building. Ask us about ROI-calculations.

New Dimensions of Modularity and Communication

thanks to the implementation of the 3-step-model of modularity (70/20/10) and the 3-step-principle of communication (50/25/10)

More applicants

thanks to your more attractive and outstanding building. The basis for a common identity, it attracts the right employees and binds them to a team – and it connects them with your company.


High emotional attachment

thanks to our approach where we consult every employee and let them have a say about what they want for their work environment. This is proven to enhance productivity and innovation. At the same time, it reduces the number of sick days, accidents, loss and employee turnover.


thanks to the physical anchoring of value-adding processes to the building. The cultural development of your company and more modern ways of working are manifest in the work environment itself.